John Pellow Brisbane, Australia

This post was submitted to  Although not a legal threat submission, we are publishing to make a simple point.  This site is not affiliated with any other sites and certainly not with “slut shaming” sites such as  We only publish legal threats against Free Speech and questionable use of the DMCA.  So, to this fellow, if you are posted on a site other than this one, please address it with them directly.  Thanks.

Here is the post:

This is John Pellow, I am shocked to see the information about my name on site.
http://cheaterland dot com/john-pellow-brisbane-australia.html [link removed] please remove my name from this post.

  1. Oh go fuck yourself John. You know exactly why your name is published on this site. The claims are true and I think it’s time that you accept your wrong doings and simply start fresh. Don’t deny what is so easily proven. I will go there if I need.

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