Holly Chatten Bristol, UK, Victoria Evans – Potential Criminal Threat

An individual, claiming to act on behalf of Holly Chatten Bristol, UK sent a threat demanding removal or “i’ll give it to black hats”.  That last phrase is known to imply the crime of unauthorized access to computer systems.

The URL at issue is: http://cheatersareus.com/holly-chatten-bristol-uk/


[Account Information] Troll abusing and harassing my family on your site (V2:Unknown user)
To: [email protected]<mailto:sup[email protected]>
From: [REDACTED]@googlemail.com<mailto:[REDACTED]@googlemail.com>
Name: victoria evans
Login: null
Email: [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>
a troll has put this in about my daughter … http://cheatersareus.com//?s=holly+chatten&x=0&y=0 I would like it removed asap or i’ll give it to black hats.

  1. this was no threat to me looks like they asking nice at first with what i can see and the fact you are supporting pedophiles puts you on the radar also i work with multi intelligence agency’s studying things like this and have every right to look in to you for the protection of the country and the people of the country have done for the last 14 years so who really in the wrong ???????????

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