Elizabeth King, Anne Sherman, CheaterLand.com

Cloudflare received a DMCA copyright infringement complaint regarding:

Please be aware Cloudflare is a network provider offering a reverse proxy,
pass-through security service. We are not a hosting provider. Cloudflare
does not control the content of our customers.

The actual host for cheaterland.com is Using the following
command, you can confirm the site in question is hosted at that IP address:
curl -v -H “Host: cheaterland.com”

Below is the complaint we received:

Reporter’s Name: Anne Sherman
Copyright Holder’s Name: Lizzy
Reporter’s Email Address: [email protected]
Reporter’s Company Name: DMCA.com
Reporter’s Telephone Number: 7787470442
Reporter’s Address: 765 Market Street Victoria, BC CA
Reported URLs:
Original Work: Image taken without permission and posted

Requesting removal.

Please address this issue with your customer.

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