Dr. Marc Crosby, Legal Threat, CheaterLand.com

Dr. Marc Crosby has sent a series of legal threats to cheaterland.com and its service providers. The complaints forwarded to legallyspanked.com can be seen below:

This is the Web page that needs to come down on Cheaterland.com :


This page discusses the private health of our minor children with cancer , their names , one has PTSD had been molested and more … you have no right hosting as such nor do they posting for a criminal pretending as though they were me or an acquaintance of mine .

There is no doubt it is the disinfranchised mistress that has quite the online reputation for posting her own reviews , impersonating others etc…. She had even started a fraudulent lawsuit yet her world is crumbling with all the evidence mounting as will be yours and the webmaster if you do not take down this malicious false libelous page against my family. Yes, Mr. Crosby is a loser cheater but he is the father of these children and the story is completely wrong and only posted for monetary gain by this person . Exposing our children’ health issues Is a huge law breaker in the courts as well as any names ….

You have 3 business days to remove and reply as my attorney wanted me to give you such time . How dare you do this to a child recovering from brain cancer and another that is very ill
. How dare you !

Angel Crosby
Please feel free to check O.C. Superior Courts of Ca for the 3 pending legal cases and they are mounting

A Second Threat was sent shortly thereafter:

Hello,I spoke with someone at your offices earlier tiday abkut this page. I would rather not make this a bigger issue than necessary and since the webmasyer wont return my repeated attempts to contact them about the content discussing my minor children , their private health issues -brain cancer and more , their father ‘s private health issues etc… and you host this page…I am asking you to please forward this message to Politelly ask them To Take This Page Down Tha Is Vausing Harm To Two Very Ill Children as well as unnecessary family stress. This was maliciously posted by an unhappy mistress . Nevertheless, if it remains up I will be forced to put my children and myself further into debt and take legal action. Medical expenses are mounting and this is ridiculous.I am asking one page not a site. Thank you for your tiime. Angel Crosby 949-584-1449 [email protected]
Below is the link to the Cheaterlan page about Dr Marc Crosby DDS

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