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So, by all appearances, this fellow impersonates lawyers attempting to remove posts from cheaterland.com and cheaterreport.com by sending fake letters. All we know is that someone demanded the removal of posts regarding [REDACTED] by impersonating a lawyer! Obvious fraud, so the question is whether [redacted] perpetrated the fraud, hired someone to perpetrate the fraud on his behalf or simply fell prey to a “hire a hacker for removal scam”. Who knows?

This is the letter that was sent:

Dear Sirs or Madam,

easyDNS Technologies, Inc. (“Company”)
Your defamatory internet posts and publications

We are Meyers Roman Law Firm, a firm of solicitors based at 28601 Chagrin Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44122 that acts for [redacted] (“Client”) in connection with the identification and pursuit of identified instances of libelous statements across the internet.

We have been made aware of various posts you, on behalf of yourself and your Company, have made and are making on forums around the internet, [including Twitter] which makes reference to our Client.

Please see attached for clarification.

Eggert B. Ólafsson
Attorney at Law

The pictures show the actual letter:

When contacted, Meyers Roman law firm denied sending this letter and further explained that they do not have an attorney by the name in the letter.  Further, the letter uses the term “solicitor”, not attorney, and refers to Icelandic law, further aggravating the fraud!  

We have seen abuses of the law but this attempt to remove the posts about [redacted] pushed the line to clear fraud!  Did they really expect this to work?

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  1. I feel like this: don’t cheat, don’t use people, don’t lie to people, if you don’t want your name posted on these sites, then STOP doing these things! The nerve of you people think its OK to do these things, and then get mad when it gets posted!!

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